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“I want to stress the importance of having a Court Appointed Special Advocate appear in court on behalf of children in CHINS cases.  CASAs are able to provide critical information to the court in making difficult decisions regarding what is in the best interest of the child.  In court, there are several parties representing several different interests.  A child in this environment deserves to be heard just like any other party, and CASAs make this possible.  Please consider becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate.

D.J. Mote, Madison IN
Judge of the Jefferson Circuit Court

“Our son’s CASA was an active advocate in his life from infancy to adoption day. She showed up for him to make sure that decisions were made on behalf of his best interests for his future. She was his voice in difficult court hearings and bravely stood before the judge a number of times ensuring that his case was progressing. She was the only constant person in our son’s life for a long time. We are forever grateful that he had one consistent person in his life while he was in the foster care system”

Heather Dela Cruz, Previous foster parent

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